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Are you unable to use your porch or backyard during the long summer due to the oppressive heat? Now you can combat heat with an outdoor misting system


An outdoor mist line can cool the air by as much as 30 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all through the summer months. You will have no problems entertaining your guests outdoors or leisurely spending time reading a book by your patio side.


Misting Cooling System

Transforming sweltering heat into comfy cool place to take pleasure in, misting cooling systems best part is that it will set out fine mists that will never make you wet. Having said that, it cools the air in a given space such as a patio or porch, while allowing you to stay cool even as the temperature elevates up to 100 degrees


We at can design and build a system for you that both allows for “zones” to run autonomously or all together, besides employing variable speed technology to regulate the cooling mist.


Venturing forth on hot summer days without sacrificing the comfort zone now you can keep your patio space occupied all time


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January 18th, 2010 | | Posted in: Patio Misting Systems