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Are you unable to use your porch or backyard during the long summer due to the oppressive heat? Why needlessly hide inside the house on another hot day when you can combat the heat with an outdoor misting system


An outdoor mist line can cool the air by as much as 30 degrees allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all through the summer months. You will have no problems entertaining your guests outdoors or leisurely spending time reading a book on your deck.


Misting Cooling SystemChoose a high quality effective cool misting system. Any cheap mister will basically work as mini-sprinklers and will do more to get you wet than cool the air. Higher pressure can be obtained with smaller nozzles and the addition of either a mid or high pressure misting pump. The micro fine droplets evaporate into the air, and an amazing cooling occurs. Any misting product, to be effective, should take into account the humidity and temperature in your area as also the height of the installation. Eight feet off the ground is a good rule of thumb.


To create a homemade mist system to ward off heat, all you need is only a garden hose, good supply of running water, a spray bottle with a screw-on cap and a garden hose adapter. Screw the garden hose adapter onto the bottom of the spray bottle misting nozzle and attach the garden hose to the adapter.


After creating the mister, you can hang it in the air over the area you wish to cool in front of a rotating fan, preferably a pedestal fan, to help disperse the mist and facilitate faster evaporation. This home-made mister, like all other misters, will work best in high-temperature, low-humidity environments.

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January 18th, 2010 | | Posted in: Patio Misting Systems