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Water misting fans are a viable alternative to air conditioning as a means of cooling various spaces. These misting fan systems utilize the process know as evaporative cooling, and can lower temperatures as much as 35 degrees.


These misting fans are similar to humidifiers in how they work. This means that they basically work by increasing the humidity or the amount of moisture in the air in a particular area, such as a room. The fan blows a very fine mist of water into the air to achieve this. This moisture then evaporates, and absorbs the heat from the air, effectively cooling the area. The hotter the area, the quicker the evaporation occurs. This is the result using up more heat by the energy exchange process, meaning the misting fans can cool even faster. That even in a very hot area, the fans can cool the place very quickly.

Water Misting Fans
Water misting fans are effective in both humid and dry climates. Having a dryer air level will ensure that the cool mist that the fans spray, evaporate quicker and therefore will cool an area faster. The misting nozzles on each one of these fans have extremely small orifices. In turn, each fan produces water droplets so small, that when blown by the fan, instantly evaporate leaving only a cool and refreshing breeze.

Water misting fans can be used both outdoors and indoors. Many industrial facilities are starting to see the benefits these water misting fans provide for their employees. Residential and commercial clients often use them to cool greenhouses, patios, outdoor restaurants, worksites or areas where sporting events are held. The fans not only cool the area but can help clear dust and repel odors and flying insects, especially during hot, stuffy evenings.


If you’re looking for a great way to keep refreshed on hot days, consider getting water misting fans to stay cool.

September 22nd, 2009 | | Posted in: Misting Fans, Water Misting Fan