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Nature has endowed us with so many things! Sun, snow or mist, water, plantations and so many; extreme exposure to all these things can affect our skin in some ways thereby making your outdoor time a fall down. With regards to summer this can be a big time flop because summer is the time where many of them would love to spend some quality time outdoors. With the right attitude and mechanism you can stay cool and relaxed outside- misting systems the simple way to spend time outside.   It gives a breezy and cool feel, cools the air in a given space such as a patio or porch. The best part about having one in your outdoor space is that it unites the family during afternoons and Sunday...

January 7th, 2014 | | Posted in: Misting Fans

Having become popular, misting fans these days are a necessity more than anything else. Widely used in patios, restaurants, theme parks and even in some social events they have the potential to make your outdoor space as cool as possible. After knowing the uses and advantages people are making use of it for commercial, agricultural and residential purposes. Benefiting masses this cooling system provides high degree of humidity for the plants in addition. Businesses make use of them in order to offer better experience to their customers. Despite the fact that they are used in all places, they are much more in use in houses where families have need of changing the scorching and humid...

December 6th, 2013 | | Posted in: Misting Fans

Water misting fans are a viable alternative to air conditioning as a means of cooling various spaces. These misting fan systems utilize the process know as evaporative cooling, and can lower temperatures as much as 35 degrees.   These misting fans are similar to humidifiers in how they work. This means that they basically work by increasing the humidity or the amount of moisture in the air in a particular area, such as a room. The fan blows a very fine mist of water into the air to achieve this. This moisture then evaporates, and absorbs the heat from the air, effectively cooling the area. The hotter the area, the quicker the evaporation occurs. This is the result using up more heat...

September 22nd, 2009 | | Posted in: Misting Fans, Water Misting Fan